CSS Notes

Padding on the inside of border, margin on the outside of border. ID VS Class ID is unique and only one should exist on any page or style sheet. ID uses #. <style> #Test { color: blue; } </style> <div id=’Test’>My test</div> Class is not unique. Multiple elements can have the same class. Class uses…
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HTML 5 Coding Notes

Notes on HTML 5   HTML 5   Use doctype: <!DOCTYPE html> rather than <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-///W3C etc.   Page Section Tags:   <hgroup> groups all h tags together for dom tree.   <header> and <footer> help describe doom tree. Can not have header inside of a header, but can have multiple headers.  Header…
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HTML Notes & Reference

Below are notes on HTML. I’ve left out some of the more commonly used pieces, but have included some of the less commonly used features like subscript and super script for reference. HTML Subscript: <sub></sub> Example H<sub>2</sub>0 SuperScript: <sup></sup> Example: 3<sup>2</sup> <code></code> Shows computer code rather than text. Preformatted text: preserves format of how it…
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New TLD’s Coming : 3 Tips : Investment Advice

With a series of new TLD’s coming up for sale, you might be considering a new domain purchase. A TLD or top level domain is the ending portion of a website address after the “.”, the most popular being .com. But a list of new options is opening up this summer, which you can browse…
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The Ellerman Search Engine Ranking Scores

Comscore Jan 2013

One question I’ve received from executives many times when talking about SEO is “How is the site ranking?”  On the surface, this sounds like an easy question to answer.  But when managing a large website, which may be ranking for millions of keywords across many different search engines, it’s sometimes difficult to answer. The site…
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Do a Barrel Roll Google

Cool little trick by Google.  If you do a Google search for do a barrel roll, the screen will spin in a circle.  I don’t know how long they will leave it up for, so give it a try now if you want to. https://www.google.com/search?q=do+a+barrel+roll