More Sharks!

These few were not Leopard Sharks:     And I found a small stingray: And a few lobsters:       But mostly leopard sharks:     This one got a little too close and blocked my shot:   And this one was coming right for me:           And from the…
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La Jolla Snorkeling with Leopard Sharks

So I went snorkeling in one of my favorite La Jolla spots.  The weather conditions were pretty good at this particular time in this particular spot.  It was about halfway between a 2 ft low tide and a 6 foot high tide with waves ranging between 0 and 1 ft and was relatively sunny.  I…
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New TLD’s Coming : 3 Tips : Investment Advice

With a series of new TLD’s coming up for sale, you might be considering a new domain purchase. A TLD or top level domain is the ending portion of a website address after the “.”, the most popular being .com. But a list of new options is opening up this summer, which you can browse…
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Do a Barrel Roll Google

Cool little trick by Google.  If you do a Google search for do a barrel roll, the screen will spin in a circle.  I don’t know how long they will leave it up for, so give it a try now if you want to.

Napoleon Bonaparte Quote

“We are at a time when you need to double the resolve, & double the vigor of ordinary times. Lead by example. Be the first to put yourself in danger. And with the troops that you have, I expect you to defeat double of theirs.” -Napoleon Bonaparte